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Your Mail Is Our Business

Full Mailing Services

Whether D-mail marketing, postcards, tri-fold self mailers, letters, magazines or newsletters, most of what we print mails.  Therefore, it's only natural that this key fulfillment service is a major part of operations.  In fact, it is the tail that wags the dog.  Below is just some of the mailing related services we perform fully in house. 

  • Retail and B2B target list services
  • Data management and mining.
  • List processing, including CASS, NCOA
  • IMB Full Service mailing
  • Parcel and volume IMPB Package Services
  • Variable data mailings and addressing on our digital press lines.
  • High speed inkjet addressing lines
  • Envelope insertion
  • Flat insertion
  • Mail kitting
  • Refold and Tabbing
  • 8125 verified drop shipping to SCF, NDC
  • Mail piece design and other consulting services.

In many cases, mailing is not only a backend service, but more importantly it is a front end strategic process that we develop with you.  This is particularly true with our retail clients needing traffic, B2B clients needing leads, or non-profit's looking for a sure fire variable fund raising campaign. 

D-mail is often tied to cross media applications, including email, PURLS, web landing pages, mobile, and other advertising.  Sometimes we're part of the tactical plan, and in others we develop and deploy the entire campaign. 

If strategic help in producing a new campaign is in your plans, you may want to see our standard direct mail products, and also see ideas in our marketing services.  And/or give us a call right now 412-243-4100.