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In a data driven world, having the right company invested in the right data tools is critical.

Mailing is a huge driver of data management.  Daily we're merging, deduping, cross analyzing mailing lists, studying demographic data, USPS carrier routes, and optimizing this data so that your investment hits the right people and returns the highest percentages.  The same money spent at two different vendors can have vastly different results, all based on the quality of data.

Although spawned from our mailing expertise, this data management discipline extends to all kinds of other services that Herrmann Unlimited has provided.  We have worked with customer IT personal to mine data from islands of customer databases.  We have built and merged new databases to link data, including student pictures with meta data from other databases.  We have used personal data to deliver personal URL's in direct mailers, and provide customized content on these web sites, all in a successful effort to get the retail customer to act.

You might not think it, but our company is a network and computer resource power user.  Our network is not huge, but it needs to be super powerful to throw around data, large images, and massive digital raster files around at the speed of light.  We have built our own powerful networks because power bandwidth in the IT industry was still immature 20 years ago when we needed this power.

All this experience makes us extremely mature in the management of data and computer infrastructure.  If you're struggling trying to figure out how to get to your data, so that you can drive revenue with it, give us a call.  You're going to be surprised how helpful we are.

Or if you just need help getting a simple but optimized mail and/or email list, we are a list broker, and have all demographic, non-profit, local and national government data available at our finger tips.

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