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Call Us Today. 412.243.4100

Over the past few years, we have significantly widened the products and services our company offers. This includes the acquisition and integration of the Enhanced Digital Printing company, expansion of our Direct Mail capabilities, additional warehousing space and software for Fulfillment services, the Wide Format business, and an entire suite of marketing and communication tools. We offer so much more today than we did just a few years ago.

Now 60 years old, our commercial printing core is still dear to our hearts and will continue to be so. But the work we do every day extends as deep as programming and data management, to designing and fulfilling tradeshow graphics and materials.

Therefore, we felt it was time for more change. And specifically, we thought our logo limited us from getting our total story out.

Meet our new logo and name, Herrmann Unlimited.

We designed this logo with a story. Besides defining the “H”, the three “swooshes” represent the 3 generations in our company’s history. The colors still signify our expertise with full color printing and color science in general. “Herrmann” was important to keep in the name, since many of you refer to us simply as Herrmann anyhow. And the Unlimited part, well…that is more for us. We have so much experience and so many resources. We’re unlimited in our ability to assist you in achieving your communication goals. We will continue to invest and evolve as a company that economically helps you drive revenue, drive responses, drive donations, drive quality perceptions, drive public relations, and ultimately drive success.

We look forward to helping your marketing and communications needs in the years ahead. Stay tuned. There is a lot more soon coming.

From all of us at Herrmann Printing, now Herrmann Unlimited, thank you so much for letting us serve you! Best wishes for a successful and prosperous new year.


Rodney A. Herrmann, Jr.