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The proofing process is very important. One tiny error or omission can ruin an entire project. We go to great lengths to proof every job, and it is important that you check our proofs carefully and give us final authorization to print your order.

There are various proofs we can make. These include low resolution digital imposition proofs and contract digital proofs. Most high quality projects, or large booklet type projects require these proofs so that the printing project is modeled sufficiently. In some cases when perfect color accuracy is a concern, an actual press proof may be required. We will deliver these proofs to you.

For some projects however, a digital PDF proof is sufficient. This could be for a high quality reprint job, where simply text content is changing. Or some smaller jobs where perfect color accuracy is not a concern. The PDF proofs are also used often as a second proof to show any final content changes if necessary.

PDF proofs are made from the same prepress system that any proof is made from, so they are content accurate and can be trusted. They may not be color accurate however and that would depend on your monitor.

In any case, we can upload PDF proofs to this web system. This will help manage and centralize the electronic proofing process and is especially valuable if multiple parties need to see the proof.

To utilize on line proofs however, you must be set up with your own "Portal". This will give you access to your own secure web space where proofs specific to your company can be stored.

Contact one of our customer service representatives to see if online proofs might make sense. And if you are already set up with a customer Portal, you can login below.

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